Allied Solutions Named ST Engineering’s Industrial Cybersecurity Solutions Distributor

  • November 08, 2022
Some Key Features of ST Engineering Data Diode
Information Assurance by Design
  • Ensures no data leakage. Separate power supply to mitigate against side-channel attacks
  • Certified under Common Criteria (CC EAL4+) and NITES by CSA.
High Throughput and Robust Performance
  • Files lost detection capability.
  • Configurable for High Availability.
Ease of System Integration and Customisation
  • Supports an array of IT, IoT and ICS/SCADA networking protocols for system integration and interoperability.
Compact Design
  • Allows all functionalities to be encapsulated within a compact footprint.
Our Holistic Solution for OT & IT Networks

Our holistic cybersecurity solution for Production OT networks and Enterprise IT is designed for CII, which includes Building Management System, ensuring the cybersecurity of ICS and SCADA systems.

Embracing security by design, our end-to-end solution suite involves the main deployment of OT Anomaly Detection Monitoring System (ADMS), Continuous Risk & Vulnerability Assessment (CORVA), Data Collector (DC), and Secured Gateway (SG), along with proprietary products such as Data Diode, Diskcrypt M10, and BIOS-SHIELD®

Radiflow’s OT Visibility and Anomaly Detection & Secure Gateways

Radiflow specializes in solutions for industrial automation networks namely taking the guesswork out of OT security with products such as OT Visibility and Anomaly Detection & Secure Gateways.

OT Visibility and Anomaly Detection

Solution Suite for Threat Detection & Monitoring

Proactive cybersecurity non-intrusive monitoring of distributed production networks for changes in topology and behavior.

Secure Gateways

OT Security for Remote Sites and Substations

Secure Gateways featuring DPI firewall, work order-based technician access to assets and system-wide management tool

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