Features A Data Historisation Platform Brings To Companies

  • April 17, 2023

Data drives our digital world. In the corporate sphere, keeping up with data management is essential to industrial manufacturing and software aid. Data historisation offers this support with a list of features that allow you to easily manage, monitor, and control your businesses.

1. Easy data collection

Data historisation enables companies to efficiently collect information such as machine pressure, temperature, and measurements for analysis. This makes advancing certain variables easier and facilitates quality control and product assurance.

A data historisation platform can expedite the collection of these factors without room for human error. This saves time for those checking these numbers and completes more work accurately in a much shorter time than manual checking would allow. The logs within the historian will also enable regular monitoring, checking performance over time and making identifying patterns effortless.

At Allied Solutions, our GE Proficy Historian offers on-site and cloud-based storage, simplifying your time-series and Alarms & Events (A&E) data collection. With high-powered industrial advancements, Proficy Historian can collect data rapidly and remotely, storing and distributing information with accurate trend analysis.

2. A visual aid

Data historisation allows for information collected to be categorised, giving context to numbers. Most data historians provide a visualisation option through charts and graphs. Manual categorisation can be complex, so these historians do the work for you, turning raw data into real-time value.

Highly beneficial for corporate use, these groupings make monitoring trends for product management easy and concise. This allows for timely data production that enables companies to see relationships between data groups accurately. Companies can also analyse patterns between machinery and production practices that they would have originally not grouped together, allowing for a more thorough analysis and innovative improvements to automation.

3. Improved product quality

As data historians can log the batch times of products made, monitoring the production period and exact timestamps is made easy. This makes pinpointing and narrowing reasons for potential quality decreases more efficient. Production can be maximised by quickly nipping problems in the bud, minimising the number of faulty batches made.

This benefit is also cost-effective, with not only a yield of more products in the long run but also less time and money spent on relieving production issues. Employees can also be informed of mishaps speedily for quick mitigation and manual plans made on proactively improving production processes.

4. Strong data retention 

Data historians can forward data. When working with both local and remote facilities, this is important to maximise the collection of your collective data. Problems arise when the connection between an on-premise historian and a remote database is interrupted. Data can get lost in transmission with no form of recovery,

With a data historian, this data can be stored locally until the connection is working again. It can then be forwarded to a central server, allowing companies to retain all their collected information so there are no missing gaps within their data analysis.

Allied Solution’s Proficy Historian offers both remote operational accessibility and 24/7 availability. Never miss a moment with us – businesses can oversee remote operations and information with a click of a button. With zero downtime, you can avoid information gaps and access your data anytime, anywhere.


Data historians are an integral part of businesses keeping up to date with industry developments, their competitors’ following trend patterns, and their own internal processes. Keeping production flowing optimally, they are a crucial tool to drive significant business results.

If you are planning to implement Proficy Historian or other data historisation platforms for your company, contact Allied Solutions here to take your business to new heights. We also offer a range of products and services, from manufacturing scheduling softwares in Singapore like TrakSYS software to data diodes for security challenges.

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