Kepware’s software solutions provide factory-wide connectivity, allowing you to access the right data at the right time.

Their software bridges the communication gap between diverse hardware and software applications, offering OPC server solutions and a single source for industrial data. Count on Kepware to meet all your industrial communication needs in Asia.

Kepware’s software solutions provide factory-wide connectivity, allowing you to access the right data at the right time.

Kepware’s software solutions bridge the communication gap between diverse hardware and software applications. From offering OPC server solutions to a single source of industrial data, Kepware is the software company in Asia you can count on for all your industrial communication needs.

Features of Kepware

  • Industrial Connectivity

    Connect, aggregate and provide secure access to industrial data.

  • Industrial IoT

    Kepware established connectivity to disparate devices and systems to improve visibility across all buildings, facilities, and equipment.

  • Machine to Machine

    Advanced Tags enables M2M tag linking, logic, and maths functions.

  • Data Tunneling

    OPC UA Client driver creates a secure connection through firewalls.

  • Security

    Security Policies assign access permissions based on user role.


Optimise industrial automation and IoT by using Kepware Software’s range of industrial-strength networking solutions, carefully programmed, tested, and certified.

Take a look at Kepware’s product portfolio in Singapore, Malaysia and the rest of Asia below to address your most pressing industrial connection and data access issues.

Why Kepware?

Kepware is one of the most recognised software solutions providers, specialising in industrial automation. Having been optimising factory operations around the world for more than 25 years, Kepware is relied on by businesses and operators to deliver effective OPC solutions and more.

As the demands in the industrial automation industry increase, Kepware is here to meet business needs and expectations through its scalable and unified architecture. Kepware’s software has the ability to combine drivers and consume numerous protocols in a single server, offering a simplified interface for straightforward installation, configuration, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Benefits of Kepware

  • Accessibility: OPC, proprietary protocols, and IT protocols are used by Kepware to enable data access for industrial client applications (such MES and SCADA), IoT (Internet of Things), and big data analytics software.
  • Optimisation: Kepware uses data conditioning, reduction, and protocol-specific optimisation to improve communications while lowering network and device load.
  • Connectivity: Kepware drivers are capable of interacting with a wide variety of protocols, including those used by wired and wireless networks, databases, specialised software programmes, and OPC servers.
  • Aggregation: Kepware eliminates the need for different solutions for separate connectivity and streamlines linked application configuration by offering a single point of entry to all information.
  • Security: Kepware provides tools to manage read/write access, connect or disconnect client applications, build secure data tunnels, and manage user server access, data source, or data values.
  • Diagnostics: Kepware provides OPC diagnostics for real-time and historical views of OPC events while isolating device and application connections for troubleshooting.

Engaged with Allied Solutions

Allied Solutions is the only preferred distributor of Kepware software in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam, headquartered in Singapore. Allied Solutions provides local pre-sales support, consultation, technical support, and training, in order to ensure you have sufficient technical knowledge of utilising the software.

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