Preventing downtime, before it occurs

With Stratus solutions, Always-On infrastructures from enterprise servers to clouds can be implemented seamlessly without any interference to current applications.

  • Protected

    Mitigates operational, financial and reputational risk by ensuring “always on” availability and securing data from cyber threats or data loss.

  • Simple

    Easy to install, deploy and manage across applications and existing infrastructure as well as scale to new areas of operation.

  • Autonomous

    Reliable, rugged, proven zero-touch technology to run in any environment without human monitoring, maintenance, repairs, or support

Leverage the possibilities of Edge Computing

Edge computing is a distributed computing paradigm that brings computation and data storage closer to the sources of data.

Benefits of Edge computing
  • Improve system reliability
  • Improving response times and save bandwidth
  • Reduce security risk associated with data
  • 1. ftServer

    ftServer is a fully integrated continuously available platform that helps companies maximise revenue quality, and productivity

  • 2. Ztc Edge

    Ideal for running business-critical industrial application quickly, easily and reliably, in decentralised locations with limited to no IT resources

  • 3. Stratus everRun

    Quickly transform your applications into continuously available solutions with customised application availability, accelerating time to revenue

  • 4. Stratus V Series

    Stratus systems are more than capable. Stratus ftServer V Series is specifically engineered for your most demanding mission-critical TPS (Transaction processing systems) workloads

Still unsure with what we can give you?