Simple to deploy, manage, and service
A fully integrated hardware and software solution for delivering continuously available applications and data services

Key Features and Benefits

Automated Uptime Layer

Redundant field programmable gate arrays, data paths, and lockstep firmware provide the processor synchronisation, data replication, and logic needed to ensure continuous availability, even in the event of a hardware component failure.

Single system with redundant hardware

Every single ftServer system is made up of two identical customer replaceable units (CRUs)—each with their own processors, memory, storage and power.

Industry standard components

ftServer uses the same chipsets, DIMMs, and drives, as those found in other industry standard x86 systems

Active service Architecture

ftServer’s automated self-monitoring, alerting, self-diagnosing, and remediation capabilities are enabled by its Active Service Architecture.

Hot swappable customer replaceable units

ftServer is designed for serviceability, with hot swappable CRUs that can be removed without powering down the system, and replaced without using special tools.

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