Proficy Historian

For on-site and cloud-based storage and analysis, Proficy Historian by GE Digital delivers high-powered industrial time-series and A&E data collection.

What is Proficy Historian?

Proficy Historian, developed by GE Digital, is the only in-class historian software solution businesses need to collect industrial time-series and Alarms & Events (A&E) data for analysing asset and process performance. Boasting many years of experience and a wide client portfolio from around the world, Proficy Historian has the tools to innovate the way companies stay relevant and competitive by maximising data and cloud-based Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to drive greater business results.

With substantial architectural advancements, the most recent version of Proficy Historian improves usability, configurability, and maintainability. Make use of the software’s comprehensible features to get more out of your business operations.

Key Features of Proficy Historian

Efficient Collection of Industrial Data

Proficy Historian has the ability to collect industrial data rapidly, as well as normalise, store, and distribute the data information securely. Users can now look forward to retrieving their data analysis in a short period of time.

24/7 Availability

Say goodbye to long downtime and information gaps in data collection with Proficy Historian. With this software solution, data analysis becomes more stable and reliable, and can be accessed whenever and wherever.

Remote Operations

Proficy Historian is a wonderful asset for remote operators and businesses with several locations or huge sites, as the software allows them to consolidate operational perspectives, access information, and oversee site operations remotely, improving efficiency and productivity.

Integration with Proficy Operations Hub

Proficy Historian, in conjunction with Proficy Operations Hub, offers a high-powered data management solution with asset model context and visualisation. Users get advanced trend analysis, the option to construct an asset model with tag mapping, and data aggregation from many data sources or historians.

Superior Compression Algorithms

Proficy Historian is around 2x more efficient than its competitor and 30x more efficient than relational databases due to its 1% compression capability.

What’s New in Proficy Historian Version 2023

  • Streamline Processes: Substantial reimagining of admin tools cut down on time.
  • Historian for Cloud (AWS and Azure): Parquet export for IT integration, support for more collectors, and ability to migrate from on-premises deployment to the cloud.
  • Improve Connectivity: Support for Kafka and configurable message structure in MQTT5.
  • Enhanced Trend Analysis
  • Model connection with Proficy Operations Hub and iFIX
  • And many more…!

Benefits of Installing Proficy Historian

  • Quick Time-to-Value: Proficy Historian delivers easy-to-install and user-friendly web clients that include drag-and-drop functionality and integrated tag searches. The software is integrated with Excel, allowing for straightforward data access and analysis, and an effective historian management system just through standard spreadsheet tools.
  • Enhance Business Value: Take your business to new heights with Proficy Historian’s highly scalable data read-and-write capabilities and unique features that maintain high availability using data redundancy.
  • Decrease Time and Costs: Time is money, so Proficy Historian’s efficient compression algorithms and minimal to zero database admin time allow businesses to reduce time and the expenses of data storage and access. Its built-in tools can also optimise performance effectively.
  • Ease of Use: Data collection does not have to be complicated. With Proficy Historian, businesses can utilise the easiest Remote Collector Management in the industry, featuring cutting-edge centralised management.

Engage with Allied Solutions

Headquartered in Singapore, Allied Solutions is proud to be an established provider of total control and manufacturing software solutions in Asia. Allied Solutions is the distributor and software provider of GE Digital’s Proficy Software Family, which is the world’s industrial software suite. If you are planning to kick-start your business’ digital transformation, turn to Proficy Historian and suite of GE software solution to optimise your operational processes.

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