Monitor, Control, Optimise

TrakSYS is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) platform that monitors, controls and optimises manufacturing operations and production efficiency.

With a library of configurable features that conform to the Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) standard architecture, TrakSYS allows you to deploy manufacturing operations management solutions quickly and cost-effectively. Use the built-in features and functions of TrakSYS to build solutions for virtually any challenge — from OEE and SPC, to E-Records, Traceability, Workflow, and more.

Versatile, extensible, scalable


One Platform, Many Solutions


Maintain tight control of inventory to increase production efficiency, and reduce working capital requirements.


Plan, schedule, execute, and deliver goods as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Gain real-time insights into the causes of poor quality, and create a closed-loop system of quality management.

Predictive Maintenance

Boost equipment performance and analysis of real-time data gathered from machines, to help maximize overall productivity through predictive maintenance.

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