WIN-911 Mobile


WIN-911 Mobile gives you a faster, easier way to resolve industrial alarm conditions while you’re on the go.

Product features and highlights

Stay in Sync

Push notifications let you quickly see what is wrong, send an acknowledgment, and monitor alarm condition changes in real-time, right from your smartphone.

Communicate Effortlessly

Chat helps your entire team converse, brainstorm, and share solutions on-the-fly, from wherever they are — whether in the plant, at home, or on the road.

Work More Efficiently

Team shows you who has seen an alarm as well as who has acknowledged it, reducing guesswork and redundant responses.

Easility Track alarm history

Whether on the road or at the office, you can quickly see who has acknowledged an alarm in the new Alarm History Tab. And since events stay on the system for up to 31 days, you’ll have an accurate and detailed event log ready to review at your team meetings

One-click schedule and callout list changes

Now you can quickly make changes to notification callout settings right from your phone or tablet, without having to access the WIN-911 Workspace. Our new ‘Mobile Operator Workspace’ option mirrors all the functions of our Operator Workspace for authorized users.

Updated localization for your phone

Release 3 includes newly updated localization languages to match our workstation version.

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