WIN 911

Run your industrial operation like clockwork

WIN-911 is the world’s most widely used software for securely interacting with industrial equipment alarms. Receive and send notifications in real-time via mobile app, text, email, voice or in-plant announcement, reducing your downtime and operational costs.

SGD 1,370.00

Product features and highlights

Direct Connects

Built-in software direct connects to all leading automation systems including Rockwell Automation, GE, and AVEVA/Wonderware resulting in fast, seamless integration.

System Modification Audits

Leverage your existing SQL server auditing features to provide audit trail for regulated environments.

Text-To-Speech Premium Voices

Premium Voices provide a more natural sounding voice as an alternative to the standard Microsoft choices. Available in multiple languages.

Software & Hardware Redundancy

Additional WIN-911 systems can be installed to provide greater reliability.


Rich or plain text report templates are available. Reports can be sent on demand or based on alarm conditions.

Integration Support

Supported by thousands of IT professionals, system integrators, and distributors worldwide.


Fully localized in 9 languages: English, German, Hebrew, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Spanish. Localization includes software configuration, alarm delivery and alarm interaction.

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