Plant Intelligence: Big Data & Industrial Internet Of Things

We have a full suite of advanced, proven, and integrated data management and data analytics software solutions. With our Large Data Management System, everybody in the decision-making process—engineering, operations, C-level, and more—can have access to the specific, role-based information they need to do their jobs….and optimize every aspect of equipment health and processes.

Large Data Management System is interfaced in real time directly to the various manufacturing operations, systems, and applications. Large Data Management System also engages the human resources that are part of the overall execution workflow. By managing the multi-source data acquisition, analytics, and business rules, it delivers a well-focused wealth of personalized, relevant, and timely manufacturing intelligence (MI) that is critical for effective decision-making. MI is delivered via the web-based knowledge portal – for real-time use – to the office, remote, and mobile clients. The interactive, discipline-specific dashboards empower the users to measurably improve operations.

Our integrated data collection and visualization solution allows you to collect, archive, and distribute tremendous volumes of real-time information at extremely high speeds. It allows you to visualize and analyze this data and determine the root cause of process upsets to drive fast resolution and continuous improvements. And it provides visibility into plant floor operations, enabling real-time decision support and continuous process improvements.

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