Plant Intelligence: Manufacturing Operation Management Software

Operational excellence begins with understanding your data. You need to capture, store, contextualize, and visualize real-time information—and make it available to the right people at the right time to enable the right decisions.

Connecting the plant floor real-time with your business systems is critical in order to optimize a company’s supply chain and business systems to remain competitive, lower costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Using the extensibility features of our Manufacturing Execution System (MES), external business systems such as ERP, APS, CMMS, and MES applications can be integrated to deliver real-time production visibility and responsiveness. The Large Data Management System API and scripting engine allows for bi-directional communications to be setup with business systems for importing productions schedules, product, and material information while providing real-time plant feedback and input such as production efficiency results, availability, workflow audit trails, and electronic production/batch records. It helps to

  • Gain timeliness of actual production status to ensure promise to order
  • Eliminate ERP production order errors on the plant floor
  • Improve accuracy of asset and maintenance management systems
  • Improve scheduling accuracy of Advanced Planning and Scheduling systems

Efficiently manage and achieve peak performance with a unified, easy to configure “plant model” that automatically generates intelligent KPIs and monitors performance. By leveraging our understanding of asset utilization, uptime, speeds, yields of materials and other performance parameters, our software is proven to help you make real-time adjustments to keep your operations running smoothly and more productively.

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