Process Automation: Oil & Gas Control And Monitoring System

Driven by the need to increase operational awareness, enable real-time information sharing, and utilize powerful analytics to improve future project planning and preparation, many exploration and production companies have been developing their digital oilfield capabilities to decrease time to first oil, reduce operating costs, and maximize production.

By balancing economic, environmental and safety requirements, we can provide the right mix of products, services, expertise and knowledge, as well as the ability to manage entire projects from design through production to maintenance.

Our automation platform includes asset management and safety instrumented system capabilities, MES reporting, full audit trail facilities to track operator actions and changes, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) calculation tools to support root cause analysis of production performance.

Today’s energy companies seek solutions for driving down project cost and complexity, reducing operating costs, and increasing production. Business improvement might mean increased efficiency and productivity. In an industry where downtime costs more than in any other, it might mean tighter asset management and condition monitoring. You could be looking to reduce energy consumption, upgrade legacy systems or make better use of the data generated.

Gas processing facilities are under pressure to maximize production and minimize downtime, while maintaining safe operation. For this purpose, our automation systems must meet your highest process control requirements, while being reliable, scalable and designed to supply safe, secure and efficient visualization for each piece of the plant operation. We help our customer to meet each of these demands with an integrated information, control, power, and safety system.

Our services throughout both the upstream and downstream sectors enrich each stage of the value chain and impact on everything.

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