Process Automation: Water & Waste Water Treatment System

Allied Solutions is the leading regional company in providing fully integrated industrial control solution that enables customers to increase their return on assets by delivering a reliable, flexible and high performance control and monitoring system. We provide from water & waste water treatment plant system monitoring and control, up to the integration of water efficiency system.

We are able to able to deliver best-in-class process control solutions to help you maximize productivity while reducing costs. From field devices and power solutions through the control and supervisory layers to business integration systems to

  • Maximize productivity
  • Reduce cost of implementation
  • Minimize lifecycle costs
  • Meet regulatory compliance
  • Plan for future expandability

Our members offer a wide range of product and system solutions for water treatment and distribution and wastewater collection and treatment, including control system installation, procurement, safety shutdown systems, process scheduling and tracking, sequential control and many other applications.

  • Systems that monitor and control pumps, aerators, clarifiers, tank levels, filters, chemical feed systems, dewatering systems, and other subsystems—lift stations and distribution systems—through a network of PLCs and operator terminals.
  • Solutions that provide complete automated systems from dosage control of caustic soda and acid to integrated level, pump and mixer control. Comprehensive documentation that aids long-term maintenance, simulation testing to assure system performance, and operators training to help ensure the results you anticipated.
  • Targeted answers for a range of needs—from dechlorination systems for municipalities and rinse-water cycle systems for manufacturers to ion exchange and automated water treatment systems.

Protecting your production assets is imperative to your business operations. The most basic need is to measure key parameters and ensure the reliable delivery of chemistry to your assets.

The next step is to go beyond monitoring and use software analytics to optimize your performance and costs. Our water & waste water treatment system is a sophisticated automation, control, and monitoring software can help your team increase performance while keeping operations sage.

The highly trained experts provide every customer with cloud-based knowledge. In addition, world-class level of remote monitoring and control to protect and optimize asset reliability and efficiency, while driving down total costs.

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