Quick Start Program


Accelerate implementation journey of industrial applications for visibility, insight, and action with professional guidance

Feature and Framework

The Quick Start for Dashboard provides a bundled offering of product licence and implementation expertise to:

  • Identify use cases, solutions, and related business value that can be achieved near term
  • Bring your team up-to-speed quickly to build the right application and realise benefit


Professional Services software and industrial expertise with a focus on providing a calculation engine that feeds:

Service Deliverables

Professional Services software and industrial expertise with a focus on:

  • Migrating reports to the Dashboard
  • Dashboard overview and customer consultation
  • Technical support

A Lean implementation approach to give added value in a short time. Sample schedule as follows:

  • Week 1: Requirements gathering and discovery including 1-2 days on site, as required
  • Week 2: Data source analysis and report design
  • Week 3: Report development (max. 10 reports)
  • Week 4: Review and validate with customer
Migrate and enhance legacy SQL reports

Convert SSRS or similar legacy reporting tool to Dashboard browser with the following options:

  • Keep the tabular SSRS report in a grid with similar look and feel
  • Convert tabular SSRS reports and stored procedures to Dashboard graphics choosing the most appropriate widget for the data
  • Convert SQL trending data to Dashboard chart
Merge and consolidate reports
  • Build an application to consolidate data.
  • Combine multiple systems reports into a single comprehensive report, which could include a series of correlated widgets
  • Combine or integrate SQL stored procedures
  • Overlay ERP data for work/process orders on combined reports
  • Aggregate data and display in appropriate widget for improved visualisation and analysis

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