Quick Start Program


Unleash the true potential of OEE solution with tailored guidance session from the professionals

Accelerate OEE visualisation with expert implementation services, trusted deployment, and reliable guidance.

The imperative to maximise productivity while ensuring product quality and sustainability across the enterprise has never been more critical to stay ahead of the competition.

Close the opportunity gap with Quick start for OEE with professional services.

With the Quick start for OEE, manufacturing teams can increase the effectiveness of their continuous improvement approach through:

  • Application of OEE, a widely acknowledged best practice KPI
  • Measurement accuracy via automatic data collection from your automation systems
  • Scaling – first focus on a pilot line to quickly assess benefit realisation, followed by defining a path to full enterprise visibility.

Feature and Framework

The Quick Start for OEE provides a bundled offering of product licence and implementation expertise to:

  • Identify pilot areas in your production facility where real-time data acquisition and OEE KPI monitoring can quickly provide value.
  • Enable key team members on the plant floor to track losses.
  • Support data-driven decisions to identify the right countermeasures during operational reviews.


Professional Services software and industrial expertise with a focus on providing a calculation engine that feeds:

  • OEE dashboard including availability, quality and performance, mean time between failures (MTBF), and mean time to resolve (MTTR)
  • OEE downtime display
  • OEE by Product, Order, Shift, and Crew

A Lean implementation approach to give added value in a short time.

  • Six-week implementation
  • On-site readiness workshop
  • KPI measurement
  • Root cause analysis and countermeasures
  • Weekly touchpoints and consultations for an additional four weeks post deliverable acceptance
Services Deliverables

Site Survey

  • Site survey questionnaire
  • Site readiness assessment (3 days)
  • 1 pilot line (max. 5 machines)
  • Standard reason trees (5 categories, 3 reasons per category)
  • Tag mapping – 1 tag for Machine Status, 1 Fault Tag, 2 tags for Production Counters (Good Production, Bad Production), 1 tag for Production Rate
  • Functional Design Specification (FDS) final report based on predefined template
Model Configuration And Installation
  • Software installation
  • Detailed design specification (plant model, tag mapping, reason tree, speed rate)
  • OEE model configuration
Shop Floor OEE KPI Monitoring
  • Data collection (1 week)
  • Root cause analysis preparation
Root Cause Analysis And Countermeasures Identification
  • Root cause analysis session
  • Identification of countermeasures for top 5 root causes
Countermeasures Follow Up And Benefit Realisation Assessment
  • Weekly follow-up session to ensure the system is running and answer user questions for the duration of the Quick Start
  • Follow up of countermeasures
  • Assessment of the benefit realised from implementation of countermeasures

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