Process Automation: General Plant Automation System

Access to accurate, timely production and process data is critical. Discrete Automation Solutions or General Plant Automation System provides a common control platform to help you increase productivity, reduce costs and improve ease-of-use across your plant floor.

Our solutions leverage the latest technologies for human machine interface/supervisory control and data acquisition (HMI/SCADA) to help you maximize the power of your information. We offer multidiscipline control and information integration. These scalable solutions, tailored to your specific needs, allow us to solve your immediate needs today while providing a foundation for future solutions.

You can visualize your operations, perform supervisory control, and deliver reliable production data to higher-level analytic applications. This means you gain the capacity to precisely monitor and control every aspect of your process. Whether you’re looking to improve quality, or reduce cycle time, costs or time to market, our team has expertise in simple, complex, repetitive and engineer to order manufacturing environments.

Being at the forefront of automation technology, General Plant Automation System provides the right tools to collect, connect, and act upon vast amounts of production data from anywhere. With our solution’s alarming capabilities, operators can quickly leverage production data with more intelligence. They’re empowered to:

  • Analyse large volumes of information from many sources
  • Make objective decisions based on complex, real-time information
  • Solve problems quickly and effectively by understanding the system
  • Proactively drive change for greater operational efficiency

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