ST Engineering

Empowering Cyber Resilience

With digital technology and highly connected economies come new vulnerabilities from a proliferation of cyber threats. To strengthen cyber resilience, it requires a system of cybersecurity capabilities that comprises People, Process and Technology. Backed by indigenous capabilities and deep domain expertise, ST Engineering offer robust cyber-secure products and services in cryptography, cybersecurity engineering, digital authentication, SCADA protection, audit and compliance.

  1. CyberSecurity Encryption
    1. Network Encrytion with NetCrypt Series and Ethercrypt Series
      1. NetCrypt Series
        A compact and high performance IP encryptor that enables the user to leverage on public Ethernet/IP infrastructure to connect to multiple sites in a secure manner
      2. EtherCrypt Series
        A layer-2 encryptor that protects the transmission of sensitive data over Ethernet and Metro-Ethernet networks
    2. Secure Storage with our Disk CryptSeries
      Ultra-Slim Encrypted Data Storage with Two-Factor Authentication smart card protection designed to increase your mobility, security and style.
  2. Industrial Cybersecurity Solution
    1. ST Engineering Data Diode
      A unidirectional communication and data transfer gateway that enables organisations to transfer data securely across physically separated networks without the risks of any data leakage.
Why ST Engineering Data Diode
  • Information Assurance by Design

    Ensures no data leakage. Separate power supply to mitigate against side-channel attacks

  • High Throughput and Robust Performance

    File lost detection capability Configurable for High Availability

  • Ease of System Integration and Customisation

    Supports an array of IT, IoT and ICS/SCADA networking protocols for system integration and interoperability

  • Compact footprint

    Allows all functionalities to be encapsulated within a compact footprint

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