Industrial Cybersecurity Solution

ST Engineering Data Diode
Cybercrime stats related to Industrial 4.0
  • Protecting the Integrity and Availability of Critical Assets
  • Protecting Industrial Control System (ICS) / SCADA Networks
  • Protecting Classified Information Systems

ST Engineering Data Diode is a high assurance hardware-enforced, one-way data transmission solution that protects against data leakage and enables network segregation for each connected network

Information Assurance by Design

Ensures no data leakage. Separate power supply to mitigate against side-channel attacks

High Throughput and Robust Performance

File lost detection capability
Configurable for High Availability

Ease of System Integration and Customisation

Supports an array of IT, IoT and ICS/SCADA networking protocols for system integration and interoperability

Compact footprint

Allows all functionalities to be encapsulated within a compact footprint

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