Industrial Cybersecurity Solution

What is IT and OT Cybersecurity?

IT, which stands for Information Technology, basically refers to the use of digital and physical devices, including computers, to generate, process, store, and deliver all sorts of electronic information. This means that IT security is a form of cybersecurity solution to intercept unauthorised access to vital organisational assets and sensitive data. By enforcing IT security, organisations, especially in the industrial field, and individual personnels can armed themselves with the right tools to maintain confidentiality.

OT security stands for the set of cybersecurity solutions being put in place to protect OT (Operational Technology) systems, which consist of various software and hardware that allow industrial networks, environments, and infrastructure to function smoothly and effectively. As such, both IT and OT cybersecurity play an integral role in many critical industries in Singapore.

ST Engineering Data Diode

What is a Data Diode?

A Data Diode, otherwise known as a “one-way firewall”, is a gateway for secure unidirectional communication and data transmission between unconnected physical networks. Since the data is transferred only one-way across the networks, the risks of data leakage and interference are eliminated, making Data Diode one of the most secure industrial cybersecurity services in the world. ST Engineering Data Diode is the data transfer solution businesses are looking for when it comes to applying effective one-way data communication and protect their OT networks in Singapore.

Difference between a Data Diode and Firewalls?

As mentioned above, a Date Diode is a “one-way firewall”, but it is entirely different from traditional firewalls. While firewalls are software-based solutions that need to undergo maintenance every once in a while, and lack the ability to defend against external attacks, a Data Diode is hardware-based, and implements a one-way communication by creating an “air gap” between the two channels that cannot be altered or infiltrated.

Key Features of ST Engineering Data Diode

Information Assurance by Design

Enforces the prevention of data leakage by using an independent power supply to reduce risks of side-channel attacks.
Common Criteria (CC EAL4+) and NITES-certified by the CSA.

High Throughput and Robust Performance

File lost detection capability
Configurable for High Availability Capability to discover missing files across Data Diode and alert users.
Configurable for High Availability.

Ease of System Integration and Customisation

Allows for the integration and compatibility of a wide range of IT, IoT, and ICS/SCADA networking protocols.

Compact Design

Permits the integration of all functionalities into a small footprint.

Enables all Functionality to be Contained inside a Small Footprint.

Benefits of Integrating ST Engineering Data Diode

ST Engineering Data Diode stands out from the market with these unique features:

  • Comes with a comprehensive range of advanced cybersecurity solutions, such as threat intelligence and endpoint security, to effectively reduce the risk of data breaches and financial losses in a business.
  • Additional installation of extra proxies or virtual machines on external devices is no longer required, allowing for a more streamlined cybersecurity solution.
  • ST Engineering Data Diode contains file-loss detection capabilities, which are patent-pending. These features allow users to be immediately informed when a file loss occurs across the Data Diode.
  • ST Engineering Data Diode spots a modular design that comes in handy by enabling users to choose specific components tailored to their operational needs.

Industries that can apply ST Engineering Data Diode

ST Engineering Data Diode can be used in multiple industries in Singapore and around the world. We recommend ST Engineering Data Diode as an industrial cybersecurity solution for these industries:

  • Government Institutions
  • Trade Organisations
  • Banking and Financial Agencies
  • Media and Info-Communications
  • Medical Providers
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Power Plants / Nuclear Power Stations
  • Military & Defense
  • Aviation and Maritime
  • Other: R&D Labs

Cybercrime Stats related to Industrial 4.0

  • Protecting the Integrity and Availability of Critical Assets
  • Protecting Industrial Control System (ICS) / SCADA Networks
  • Protecting Classified Information Systems

Reasons to Adopt Strategic IT/OT Cybersecurity Measures

Based on recent statistics, cybercriminals are on the rise. If you are running a business, there are many other reasons you should safeguard your critical data with ST Engineering Data Diode. Listed below are some factors for an increased cybersecurity presence:

  • Increased merging of IT and OT networks
  • Singapore’s progress towards being a Smart Nation means that businesses need to protect their digital acceleration
  • Rise of sophisticated cybercriminals and other threat actors

Engage with Allied Solutions

Allied Solutions provides a full suite of industrial cybersecurity products and services on top of ST Engineering Data Diode in Asia. Headquartered in Singapore, we are certified to implement this solution for various critical industries in order to strengthen their network cybersecurity efforts. As finding the right cybersecurity solutions can be a complicated task, our team is more than happy to help you find a customised solution through our years of experience and knowledge in the field.

From offering post-implementation support and supervision to technical support, Allied Solutions can guarantee that your business operations will be continuously well-protected with a functional cybersecurity network.

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