OPSWAT MetaAccess OT

Better than VPNs

Most VPNs do not provide enough granularity to limit remote user activity or apply other security restrictions once access is granted. This puts your OT environment at risk.

With MetaAccess OT, remote users are permitted to touch only what they can see across their connection, and absolutely nothing else.

MetaAccess OT provides the most secure method for remote employees or third-party vendors to access OT endpoints.

Product Features

Industrial Secure Remote Access Appliance

  • Enforces granular access control
  • More precise than VPNs
  • Minimizes OT attack surface

Intuitive. Automated. Precise.

  • Remote access control per protocol + per activity + per seat + per OT endpoint, with end-to-end encryption
  • No holes through firewall required
  • OT assets and network cannot be manipulated beyond the remote “line of sight”
  • Ideal for central control of third-party risk management

Installed Here or There, Have Granular Access Control From Anywhere.

  • MetaAccess OT On-Premises
    • The On-premises solution uses a standard 1U industrial server with separate management and administrative interfaces.
    • MetaAccess OT may also be deployed as a VMWare ESXi virtual appliance.
  • Cloud Hosted
    • The Cloud Hosted service uses a customer-dedicated AWS cloud instance for maximum reliability, uptime, and performance.

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